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Fighting The Resistance

For those mathematically minded there's something quite satisfying about condensing things down into a formula for easy use. I created this after listening to a podcast with Steven Pressfield who describes things that stop him from doing his creative work as 'the resistance'.

When R>W then substitute W with I, where:

What this means is that when The Resistance is greater than your Will Power, your efforts may be more likely to be unproductive and so, my suggestion is to replenish your Will Power with Inspiration. It's simple really. The inspiration can be specific to the task, or general and from any source. Videos, Books, Thoughts, Music, just get yourself inspired, excited and ready to put the work in again.

For example, it is quite fortunate that The World's Strongest Man is running right now since my training efforts around the holiday period had slowed right down, but watching WSM has me itching to attack this years training goals.

Happy New Year.