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Habits Through Transformational Practice

Habit definitions:

I see a skill as a series of habits. A skill can be thought of as a complete series of good habits. Therefore a lack of skill can be attributed to:

  1. unconscious not-knowing leads to no change.
  2. conscious knowing - the beginning of change.
  3. conscious knowing - the tranformational phase: is composed of 4 pillars.
  4. Transformational Phase:

    1. Awareness: Always be aware of the old habit, its disadvantages,the new habits advantages and why you're making the switch.
    2. Habit replacement - This is the act of practicing and performing the new habit instead of the old, under the correct circumstances. e.g. A = just woken up then B = brush teeth, instead of C = Procrastinate.
    3. Consistency - unchanging, non-contradictory is a degree of thickness or solidarity; be thick with purpose. Your new habit must align with your purpose / goals. Do not waver in the face of ambivalence.
    4. Persistence - Chronically restless. Repetition is the key. Repetition is the key to any habit / skill development since a habit is only called so when it is employed 100% of the time. This leads to. . .
  5. Habitual Mastery.