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Simple Protein Bars

Here is a really simple protein bar recipe that is easy to make, tasty & stretches your protein powder further.

The credit here is due to Justin of 70sbig who wrote a post about a protein batter snack. I just figured that I'm going to make bars of them.



Spoon out the contents of a tub of peanut butter.

Add the knob of butter.

Microwave for a minute.

Mix the warm peanut butter & butter together, it should be a soupy consistency.

Now add the dry ingredients. Cinnamon.


More Creatine.

Strawberry flavoured protein powder.

Mix the dry ingredients until you get a thick paste, it should have the consistency and mould-ability of dough.

Line a tray with tinfoil & pack your mixture in tight.

Now let your mixture cool & set. Put it in the fridge or freezer; it wont take very long, 10-30 minutes.

I split this mixture into 5 bars, you can divvy it up any way you like.


You can add whatever you like to the key ingredients depending on your taste. Melt some dark chocolate and ground Brazil nuts on top, dried fruit, oats etc. For up/down-scaling the mixture, the basic principles are: 1 x 30g scoop of protein per 100g of peanut butter, butter x 10% of the peanut butters weight.